RE: Generic Import question

I'm moving from 9ix32 bit world over to 11gx64bit world and I'm modifying some 
storage and object structures.  

Yea, schemas are smallish (whole DB is only about 80g).

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My worry with a full import would be that it may import 9i data dictionary data 
that would be deleted during a proper upgrade. You'd probably have to run the 
upgrade scripts after a full import to ensure that that doesn't happen, but 
where's the guarantee that you end up with a clean upgraded 11g dictionary 
after that?

If you plan to import the 9i data dictionary into your 11g database, why 
wouldn't you just copy the database (or restore a backup) and upgrade it? Seems 
cleaner to me..

I'd go with the schema import, and create synonyms, directories, vpds etc. as 
required if the schemas are smallish.


On 5/09/12 3:09 AM, Storey, Robert (DCSO) wrote:
> Working on moving a 9i database over to 11g.  I can easily do a full import 
> to bring everything over, but, I only have 4 schemas that contain my 
> application tables and such.
> So, what is the benefit of doing a full import vice just the schemas?  I had 
> planned to precreate the storage structures and the 4 schema owners.
> Just curious.
> Thanks
> Bob
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