Re: Deleting from SYS tables

Thank you for all of the replies.  That line in the security manual does the

And yes, you are preaching to the choir on DBA rights.  Unfortunately, it's
politically a bit more complicated.

On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 2:56 PM, Goulet, Richard <Richard.Goulet@xxxxxxxxxxx
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>  Jay,
>     Mucking with the tables owned by SYS is NOT something for the faint of
> heart, especially is your dealing with any of the K$ or X$ ones.  Those tend
> to be from the control file and messing with them can cause the demise of
> your database instance if not the entire database.  Those tables that you
> find in sql.bsq are a lot more forgiving, but you never know what they link
> to and what the ramifications of mucking with them are.  Lot easier to
> repair I'll admit, but not fun either.  MANY years ago I had an individual
> who convinced a junior dba to delete some data from the SYS tables used for
> snapshots (oracle 8i).  No problem, that worked for what he was having fun
> with.  But about a week later we had trouble when he tried to drop some
> snapshot log files.  Seems that the data he had had deleted was linked & the
> drop snapshot log command needed it.  Result, an ORA-00600 followed by a
> database crash.  Bother!!
> Dick Goulet
> Senior Oracle DBA/NA Team Leader
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>  I had a user that deleted records from DBA_JOBS.  Unfortunately, the
> application gives the user DBA rights so this is beyond my control.  *I*
> know it is bad practice to directly mess with SYS tables, but is there any
> documentation from Oracle that spells this out?  Or do they assume that most
> apps aren't crazy enough to handout DBA rights?  In any case, I need to
> steer some users towards APIs (like DBMS_JOB) instead of using a sledge
> hammer.  I'd like a little documentation to back me up.
> Thank you,
> Jay

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