Re: Database Upgradation from 8.1.7 to

Importing 750G is not something to be taken likely.

As Mladen said, read up the docs on migration, upgrade, whatever
is called at the moment.

Then practice it, and document what you learned.

Then do it for real.

Jared Still
Certifiable Oracle DBA and Part Time Perl Evangelist

On 1/22/06, Prabhu, K <prabhu_adam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> All,
> Our client is planning to migrate their OLTP application from Oracle 8.1.7
> to O9iR2. The current database size is 750 GB.
> What is the best method to upgrade the database ?
> 1. Export/Import full database dump.
> 2. Coping all the 8i control files, data files and creating 9i database on
> new box using the existing files.
> Please advice.
> Thanks
> Prabhu

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