Data vs. Information

I recently tried to make a case for
in the last line of the post I wrote:

Records in a table typically constitute data. Tables, joined together, in a
> view, tend to *turn that data into information.*

A very good friend and mentor who has like 27 masters degrees took umbrage
with this statement.  He said that data is information.

While I don't necessarily disagree with him, I tried to frame it in the
context of a database.  I've always been told, or read, or heard, that a
database stores data and from that, you get information (in the form of
queries, reports, etc).

Am I off my rocker here?  Am I misinformed?  Or just misspeak?

More than anything I think it was more of a theoretical discussion, but I
have enough respect for this individual to give it further thought?

Anyone have an opinion or links on the subject?


chet justice

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