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Another profiler is tfr, the Trace File Repository. It's written by
Torben Holm of Miracle. It's based on iAS or (what was it's predecessor
named, but iAS works as well), reads tracefiles through UTL_FILE into
the database. The whole thing is PL/SQL based, and can be found here:
I enjoyed it a lot before I used the Hotsos Profiler.

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Carel-Jan Engel

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On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 02:14, DENNIS WILLIAMS wrote:

> Juan
>     If you want a free 10046 trace summarizer, try available at
> No guarantees, but seems good enough to
> around and learn a little about 10046 traces. Someone else on this list
> mentioned it awhile back, but I can't recall who. Sorry.
>     I think when you really, really need to know what is going on in an
> Oracle application, Cary's method is the undisputed champion. There are
> easier methods that may solve many performance problems, but then you may
> only be guessing and making assumptions. If you are in a situation where
> is better to be fast than right, then a different method may work fine.
>     I think Cary has put many, many hours into perfecting his Hotsos
> profiler and has every right to enjoy the fruits of his labors, just like
> you deserve to get paid for your work. Eventually Oracle will probably
> include a good profiler with the database and that will settle that.
> Dennis Williams
> Lifetouch, Inc.



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