Re: Cant bring up cold backup

Step 3 is the problem.  Doing this means you must perform incomplete 
recovery, which is probably not what you want.

After your database is shutdown cleanly, include the controlfiles in 
your cold backup, you should then be able to bring it up on another 
machine using those controlfiles.

-Mark Bole

Bob wrote:

> All,
> Oracle on windows xp pro,  noarchivelog database was shutdown
> cleanly
>   I am trying to bring up a database from a cold backup, Using the same 
> dbname
> 1 - I create the service using oradim -new -sid somename -pfile ....
> 2 - edit the init.ora file to point to the new file locations
> 3 - use a alter database backup control file to trace, edit to point to the
> new datafiles
> 4 - startup nomount, create control file as.... controlfile created
> 5 - alter database open
> 6 - file 1 needs recovery, (recover file 1, media recovery complete) repeat
> files 1- 7
> 7 ERROR--> alter database open, host def does not exist disconnection forced


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