Can I tryst in "physical ... direct" figures? EE on Lintel RH AS 2.1
OLTP ~200 connections.
Today a have observed figures below in statspack report
Statistic                                      Total     per Second    per 
--------------------------------- ------------------ -------------- 
physical reads                            19,327,036          429.5 205.8
physical reads direct                     10,482,393          232.9 111.6
physical writes                           16,465,203          365.9 175.3
physical writes direct                    16,343,723          363.2 174.0

It seams very strange to me that almost all writes and more then 1/2 of 
reads is direct.
What do you think, can I trust on those figures? Can it be truth that all 
writes are direct ?bypassing the buffer cache, as written in Docs?

PS Report interval 750.02 (mins)
PS I know - SP aggregates live. Don?t tell me do not look on it.

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Thank you for teaching me.


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