RE: Addition of Redo logfile onto RAW Device Failing


 in Ver is the Cause

After initiating the following workaround, Addition of Redo Logfiles to RAW 
Devices was successful.


P.S. Workaround is Rename the /usr/sbin/lvmchk binary:-

   cd /usr/sbin
   mv lvmchk

Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2009 4:37 PM

Qs Should the "b" (block device) file - /dev/vg02/rawdb1 OR the "c" (character 
device) file - /dev/vg02/rrawdb1 be used?
Have used BOTH names without success.

NOTE - This is a NON-ASM, NON-RAC Oracle Setup with Database on Mounted 

An Old Oracle ver 8 metalink Doc 1051188.6 indicates that Oracle uses only "c" 
- character device files as raw devices.

HP-UX B.11.23


P.S. Errors:-

SQL> alter database add logfile group 3 ('/dev/vg02/rrawdb1') size 500M ;
alter database add logfile group 3 ('/dev/vg02/rrawdb1') size 500M
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00301: error in adding log file '/dev/vg02/rrawdb1' - file cannot be
ORA-15059: invalid device type for ASM disk
Additional information: 255

$ ls -al /dev/vg02/*raw*
crw-r-----   1 ora10r2    dba         64 0x020002 Feb  6 11:37 /dev/vg02/rrawdb1
crw-r-----   1 ora10r2    dba         64 0x020003 Feb  6 11:37 /dev/vg02/rrawdb2

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