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Yes, I am thinking so.   Perhaps you could point me to some docs -
before I go looking myself.


But to narrow this down a little further... In an Oracle 9 database can
I get the information I am seeking from the audit.     In an Oracle 10g
database, FGAC should do it I believe.


The issue is that the company does not know how many applications or
where they are that may be logging directly into a schema owner whose
password may change.   The password will start changing because of SOX.


So they want to be able to identify as much as possible before the
password changes.     Of course, now that an Oracle 9 password has
changed, they also would like to identify the applications that may be
attempting to log in.


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You could enable auditing at the database level then audit all
successful connections for a couple of days.  You could also audit
unsuccessful connections to find the reverse.


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Changing the password of the 'schema owner' - the owner of the data.


I have a manager who has asked if there is a way to track what
'application' is logging in before changing the password so that the
change can be smoother.   (either change the password in the app or
create a new account for the app).


The second part is can you track what application is attempting to log
in to a schema where the password has already been changed.   



The version of Oracle are 9, and 10.


A case where the password has already been changed happens to be

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