RE: A question on supplemental logging on RAC

I guess I should ask is there a reason you found to suggest you cant  do
As this is part of core architecture for supporting some requirements
for Data Guard and streams , I dont see why it wouldnt be ok on any
platform and any realease from 9.2.xx onwards.


From: Anurag Verma [mailto:anuragdba@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Friday, 27 July 2007 10:05 AM
Subject: A question on supplemental logging on RAC

Hi All,

A question on supplemental logging.

Can we enable the supplemental logging on table level ?

My database is RAC on Sun Solaris 9 (64 bit).

Thanks in advance,

Anurag Verma,
Database Administrator
ERCOT(Electric Reliability Council of Texas),
Texas 76574 

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