RE: 10g listener strangeness


We upgraded all our (5) Name Server databases to Oracle 9i. Work just fine. 
The OEM interface works as advertised. If you need to speak to our Oracle Names 
a note to me offline. I will provide the contact names/phone numbers. 

- Kirti 

--- DEEDSD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Yes, I have tested that, and it works just fine.  It looks like if you have
> a 3rd party application that requires a certain release listener, different
> listeners will be necessary.   This took me by surprise a bit as previous
> versions of Oracle have not behaved this way.
> It appears that the 10g client may have problems with older versions of
> Oracle Names.  We have 7.3 Oracle Names servers (names database is
> and the 10g client can't tnsping, SQL*Plus, etc using the old version of
> Names.  We haven't upgraded the names servers because the management
> interface has been terrible every relase after 7.3....

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