Re: Network Bandwidth sizing for 11i

One more doc.


On 7/21/07, Jose Ruiz <joseantonio.ruizpascual@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Here you have links to some whitepapers you should read:

Hope it helps.


On 7/19/07, Na'eem <naim.deen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi
> I would like to calculate network bandwidth required to access 11i
> through WAN.
> Around 100 concurrent users acessing 8 to 9 apps modules from different
> locations.
> What is the bandwidth required and how can i go with this sizing .
> Post me any templates or benchmarking .
> juri ,find time to share your experience on this and inviting others
> also to participate and share .
> hope "Oracle is not a magic" guy to share his comments on this :)
> Regards
> Naim

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