[opendtv] Re: Qualcom OFDM networks with MediaFlo

> >It moves the high bit rate TV channel traffic off
> >the 2-way infrastructure. Wow. Isn't that how
> >DOCSIS and cable TV works?
> A rather narrow view of what Qualcom is trying to do with this 
> system. As I noted yesterday, they DO NOT intend to compete with 
> cable or DBS. It is unlikely that they will every have more than a 
> handful of live streaming channels. That IS NOT what this service is 
> about.

The video resolution specced is 320x240 QVGA. They couldn't if they
wanted to. The standard resolution for pocketpc and handheld devices is
a 3.5" to 3.7" QVGA display. I don't think it is any coincidence that
these two specs 'match up'.

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