[openbeos-preferences] Re: MidiPlayer

Pleased to meet you ... 

to start with, getting it working exactly (without bugs) like R5 is the 
goal of R1 of OBOS.


Sikosis (Phil Greenway)
OBOS Pref Team Leader

> Hi everebody, I'm Jerome Leveque and I'm new on that Kit.
> Some word about me : 25 years old, french, student in Electonics and 
> Informatique.
> Then I have not a lot of time for coding.
> I have know recently that MidiPlayer is now in Preference Kit, my 
> question is what 
> must I do with it :
> Same as the BeOS or different with more features (which one) say me 
> all you want.
> A+
> Jerome

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