[nvda] Re: how do i make another browser my default?

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  • Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 08:34:31 -0600

Instead of doing all this experimentation, you may simply want to try Webbie. I haven't tested new versions. the version I tried is about two years old. The new version still may have limitations such as not being able to work with Flash and it may still have annoying bugs such as showing you every script error on a page whether you turn this setting on or off. You can either ask users or try it to find out. But Webbie will likely be very stable on your machine and if you find it satisfactory, it will save all this experimentation and use of time suggested by the message quoted below. Yes, you may wish to try these alternatives as well but then again, you may want to try Webbie first. Also, while the suggestions in the message quoted below may help, they may not. You may have some oddity in your Windows installation that simply will not allow Firefox to run properly. If you want to investigate further, another test you can perform is to try running a demo of JAWS or Window-eyes to see if Firefox crashes when you run a different screen-reader. We don't know at this time whether Firefox is crashing because of problems it has running on your machine or if it crashes because of problems it has working with NVDA on your machine. Since the Internet Explorer support in NVDA is being worked on, you may want to try Webbie as an interim measure and use it until IE support is comperable or roughly comperable to Firefox support currently is. Or you may decide to use it indefinitely and use Internet Explorer only when Webbie doesn't function as you wish or can't do something that IE can. Whatever you decide or don't decide to do, the link to the Webbie page is:


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Ron, don't do this, but if you wanted to make IE your default you'd start IE and go to Tools, Options, Programs tab.

But as James has said, NVDA doesn't work anything like as well with IE.

Some quickies you could try:-
1. In firefox, Help menu, then Check for Updates. Maybe a different version would work better.

2. Try another browser that works like Firefox - Seamonkey v.2x, for example. Seamonkey v1.x wasn't very accessible, but v2 is.
http://www.seamonkey-project.org/news and look for "alpha 3"

It's an alpha version and not the finished product, but seems to work well.

Alternatives might be Flock or Cometbird.

Flock is here....

and Cometbird is here....

If you have any add-ons in Firefox, you could try temporarily disabling them to see if that makes Firefox more stable. Then bring them back one by one and see if you start to get troubles.


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 Subject: [nvda] how do i make another browser my default?

NVDA and firefox are conspiring to drive me mad - and if i was a betting man i'd put money on them succeeding at this rate.
 firefox has crashed and thrown me on to the desktop once to often.
please how do i change the default from firefox to IE - it surely can't be any worse than firefox. O! and learn from james teh and keep it as simple as possible for yours truley please.
 cheers - Ron Nuttall

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