[nvda] Re: how do i make another browser my default?

  • From: "ron nuttall" <rron_ron@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <nvda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 2 May 2009 19:06:31 +0100

Gene - Vince - hello again.
first things first, heres the link to the page that contains the list of available commentaries:


i'm reasonably o'fay with webbies key strokes - ctrl down and up arrows to skip links and ctrl k to crop a page etc.
i also have heard flash play on webbie - but not all flash plays.
E.G. uk food online at the top of the page says:
flash movie 1 - then down arrow once and hear: flash movie 2.
infact when i don't want it to play, it sometimes does and i can't stop it to listen to my screenreader. i read about and downloaded a program called flash mute for just such an ocation, but it doesn't work. as for system re-store, i don't know how to set a re-store point, and in any case its too late for that now - i need a happy and fully working PC before setting one to go back too. i've actually downloaded firefox 3.10 - its sitting in my docs folder waiting to be installed. if you remember from a previous message, i mentioned that i was being prevented from using my screenreaders when encountering a dialogue box such as the firefox install set-up. its a good idea to try and use one of the main screenreaders free demos, the only one i know is a 10 minute one at:
i know that window eyes has a 2 month trial for a few quid, but i can't afford to buy the full version which i might really like. i'll try again on monday which happens to be my birthday so it might bring me luck. cheers - Ron Nuttall
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