[nvda] Re: how do i make another browser my default?

  • From: "Vince Thacker" <vince@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 2 May 2009 03:08:23 +0100

Ron, have you done a System Restore during this Firefox adventure? System 
Restore could have brought back an older version. Maybe if you're not happy, 
uninstall whatever you have and start again from the mozilla.com website 
downloading the latest.

It's certainly worth you keeping Webbie on board as well - there's a new 
version of that too, out this week. Being built for accessibility, it works 
fine with NVDA.

Unfortunately, you may want at least one browser that can handle Flash, to get 
the audio from some sites. The UK charity Action for Blind People issues 
newsletters in Flash audio, for example. Why they made that decision I'll never 
know, but they did.


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  Subject: [nvda] Re: how do i make another browser my default?

  Vince - thanks for all that.
  i think vista is blocking my screenreader when i get a dialogue box of any 
  i had what i thought was the bright idea of uninstalling firefox and then 
re-downloading and installing firefox.
  the reason for this was when i went in to programs and features, i discovered 
that only firefox 3.8 was listed inspite of the fact that i had been induced to 
upgrade to both 3.9 and then 3.10 after that.
  surely only the latest vershion should be listed, or at least all the 
  i very soon regreted trying to be bold and adventurous on my computer - i 
don't think i've done as many reset tipe re-starts as i have today.
  it allowed me to uninstall firefox, but since then, i've not been allowed to 
do anything involving a dialogue tipe box, including set-up - theres a dull low 
frequency computer tipe sound, then i loose the screenreader.
  NVDA main, NVDA portable and even the thunder screenreader were all dragooned 
into service but all fell victim to the same dreaded lirgee.
  its 2 in the morning now, lets see if a good nights sleep can do what a days 
frantic computing can't.
  thanks again vince - Ron Nuttall

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    From: Vince Thacker 
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    Subject: [nvda] Re: how do i make another browser my default?

    Ron, don't do this, but if you wanted to make IE your default you'd start 
IE and go to Tools, Options, Programs tab.

    But as James has said, NVDA doesn't work anything like as well with IE.

    Some quickies you could try:-
    1. In firefox, Help menu, then Check for Updates. Maybe a different version 
would work better.

    2. Try another browser that works like Firefox - Seamonkey v.2x, for 
example. Seamonkey v1.x wasn't very accessible, but v2 is. 
    http://www.seamonkey-project.org/news and look for "alpha 3"

    It's an alpha version and not the finished product, but seems to work well.

    Alternatives might be Flock or Cometbird.

    Flock is here....

    and Cometbird is here....

    If you have any add-ons in Firefox, you could try temporarily disabling 
them to see if that makes Firefox more stable. Then bring them back one by one 
and see if you start to get troubles.


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      Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2009 7:08 PM
      Subject: [nvda] how do i make another browser my default?

              NVDA and firefox are conspiring to drive me mad - and if i was a 
betting man i'd put money on them succeeding at this rate.
      firefox has crashed and thrown me on to the desktop once to often.
      please how do i change the default from firefox to IE - it surely can't 
be any worse than firefox.
      O! and learn from james teh and keep it as simple as possible for yours 
truley please.
      cheers - Ron Nuttall

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