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  • Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 08:23:28 +0100

Hi Ron, this is no criticism of anyone new, but I do feel sometimes that when computer skills are taught all that is ever shown is exactly what you refer to, ie runing software which is installed automatically. Windos explorer and search etc, seem never to be covered in detail. Its one of my hobby horses over here at least that people are treated as simpletons unable to cope with other concepts.

OK rant over. I think what you need to do is just hit enter on the filename of what you want to run, Windows will decide, if it knows, what to do with what you hit enter on. Thus if its a text doc, it will load it into your default editor, if its a program it will run it for you. At this point I'd also like to suggest that if anyone has not got show file extensions switched on in their files and folders, do it now! It is far better to know what you are going to run than be surprised when Windows does something very odd.

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   kendall - you say run the NVDA.exe. file from c:\nvda portable.
first of all, i'm use to going to a program or a file or folder by pressing enter on iether a list item in the start menu or on a desktop shortcut. however, in the edit box at the top of the start menu called start search, i typed C:\nvda portable and pressed enter.
this took me to an incomprehensable tipe of list containing 44 items.
assuming this is what i now need to do, how do i run the NVDA.exe file from here. do i need to type the word run followed by NVDA.exe separated by a colon or a slash or something. you guise are so helpfull, but you tend to forget your dealing with a relative novice here.
all the best and thanks once again - Ron Nuttall


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