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  • Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 08:43:47 -0600

Spoken like someone who has not done teaching of new or not technically talented users. I have enough trouble explaining concepts that are simple and obvious to me to such users.


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Subject: [nvda] Re: ctrl c, ctrl x, ctrl v

Great point, Mick. Stick to your guns on this one! Key labels can be a nice feature but we as users need to learn what keys do in the programs we use. An example is the ctrl-x key. Many programs use it as the cut to clipboard key. However, some programs use it for exit. So in programs that do this the exit key would be announced as cut to clipboard. That's not what's happening in such programs. The logic that says "just tell me something when any key is pressed" is false logic. Hard coding key labels would be a bad practice in my opinion. The dictionary method is better but that's also something to manage. I believe that in the long term your position on this is actually more respectful to blind users. The idea is that we can figure these things out even if it is a little uncomfortable at first.

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