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  • From: "ron nuttall" <rron_ron@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <nvda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 20:21:44 +0100

I'm slightly concerned about the prascriptive nature of this debate, all be it with the best of intentions.

one man's need for simplicitty, is another man's exercise in time wasting.
its obviously a balancing act between keeping things as simple as possible on one hand, while providing as many tools in the toolkit as possible with which to work on the other. some sites have very few headings if any at all, while others have them in the wrong places and at the wrong levels. i hope no ones advocating doing away with navagation key strokes, which i think of as tools in the kit.
heres just two examples of what i mean:
on my firefox start page which is set to google search, i press R till i hear the appropriate radio button, then shift E to get back to the search box, hit enter for focus mode, then type and return my search term. once i'd got my stupid head arround what to do and how to do it, its quick and easy.
secondly, the only quick and easy way to navigate the following site:
is to move from list-to-list using the letter L to get you where you want to be quickly. my point is, if we were dinide thees options in the interest of simplicitty, it would make using the web a lot more time consuming and frustrating, especially for thoughs like me who've endured many arm wrestles with our computers to make the efert to learn how to use thees exelant tools. where i do agree with you, is the eccessive verbositty when trying to move character by character. the plentiful myriad and assortment of various ins and outs, clearly falls victim to the law of unintended consequences: namely, making browsing harder not easier. finally, i use NVDA because its free, and i'd be really supprised if i was the only one who didn't want to spend more on the screenreader than the computer. cheers - Ron
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