[nvda] Re: Using NVDA with QT Applications

  • From: James Teh <jamie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nvda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 21:10:17 +1000

On 20/10/2009 8:47 PM, Heiko Folkerts wrote:
Well e.g. we have a QTabWidget with two tabs. The widtet and the Widgets provided to the 
addTab method have been given accessibleName and accessibleDescription. But it still says 
Ah. I believe I have a similar problem in Sun VirtualBox (http://www.virtualbox.org/). I wasn't sure whether perhaps it was an issue with VirtualBox, but suspected it was probably the widget.

It also seems that the information is read different when navigating with tab 
as when doing it with Shft+Tab. Shft+Tab seems to bring up more of the 
descriptions or names of the controls.
That would seem to indicate a different tab order with shift+tab versus tab. Or am I misunderstanding?

We have used accChecker to watch the MSAA information in the application and 
from that we saw that the tabwidget itself contains subwiindows carying the 
names for the tabs.
It does indeed. However, it seems that QT doesn't fire a focus event on the active tab, nor does it set the selected or focused states on the active tab. Screen readers need this in order to determine which tab is active.


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