[nvda] Re: UK only - BBC I-player - S O S

  • From: "Vince Thacker" <vince@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 21:33:05 -0000

Ron, try this for CD Review.


The BBC says on this page that are 7 days left to listen. Elsewhere they say 
that CD Review isn't available for Listen Again. Presumably this would mean 
that it wouldn't appear in iPlayer listings. 

I'm not sure your software is at fault here, as it appears rather that Auntie 
Beeb has her knickers in a twist.


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  Hi gang

  Does anyone out their in good old merry England or the rest of the UK for 
that matter know how to dig programs out of the bbc radio i-player witha view 
to actually listening to them?

  Unfortunately, my two pieces of third party software have let me down.
  I've dug programs out of the i-player before, but, because its so convoluted, 
i always manage to forget how i did it.
  When i click on a program, it takes me to something called: "i-player 
console" and in the past its gone on to play the program.
  I failed to listen to: CD review on radio 3, drama on 3, and the food program 
on radio 4.
  However, i'm pleased to say, that Speak-on came up trumps when i typed drama 
on 3 in to the search box, and i got to listen to the food program by going to 
the radio 4 home page, then programs, then the food program and clicking the 
listen now link - but i've tried everything i can think of and still can't 
listen to Cd review on radio 3.
  My Accessible in Webb-ie i-player has seaced working - when i clik on a 
program, after a short pause, i hear the message: international website report 
button, one of seven. 
  I find a play button when i press tab, but it doesn't work - instead, it 
dumps me in a dialogue inviting me to upgrade to internet explorer version 
  Eventually, i did as i was bid and tabd through to except the upgrade - that 
hasn't worked iether as i still get the same message about the international 
website button.
  I use Firefox as my default browser, when its not bissy crashing, it works 
quite well.
  If you can help this i-player addict, i'd be ever so grateful.
  Cheers - Ron

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