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  • From: James Teh <jamie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nvda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 13:35:47 +1000

On 18/12/2008 1:10 PM, Gene wrote:
When I am using Notepad or Wordpad, to give an example, if I write a
document consisting of lines such as:
line 1.
etc, if I search for the word line and I stop on line 1 or 2, using read
current line reads the correct line. Repeating the search with f3 moves
me to the next line
However, the read current line command continues to read
line 2, if that is where I stopped on the original search.
This is extremely odd. None of us (Mick, Peter or I) can reproduce this - read current line reads the correct line as it should. Can anyone else reproduce this? I honestly can't figure out why this should fail. You're definitely pressing NVDA+upArrow and not NVDA+shift+upArrow and you're using the upArrow on the main keyboard?

As far as reporting Firefox crash information is concerned, it isn't
clear to me what the procedure is to get the information.
When the crash reporter dialog appears, submit the crash report. Then, to access the crash IDs, access the following URL using the address bar:
This page includes crash IDs which will allow us to read the technical information about your crash.

All I can say is that on my
machine, the current version of firefox crashes very often and the
crashes occur when a web page is loading.
Is this Firefox 3.0.5? Lex, this sounds similar to your crashes. Unfortunately, we still haven't managed to figure this one out.

I find that one of the very convenient features
in JAWS regarding navigation is to use the numpad and read to end
command as implemented by JAWS. I dislike having a command that requires
two hands or an inconvenient positioning of one hand to execute.
This is of course subjective, but I honeslty don't see how NVDA+downArrow is an inconvenient position of the hand. Remember, you can use the numpad insert, so you can hold numpad insert with one finger and then press downArrow with another; these keys are not far apart on the keyboard, at least on keyboards I have seen. I actually find numpadInsert+numpad2 more awkward to press because the keys are right above/beneath each other.

I have never seen the Bookmarks menu delay problem occur when using JAWS
with firefox.
In NVDA, it often takes about eleven or
twelve seconds.
I can't reproduce this one either. I just started Firefox with several tabs restoring and the bookmarks menu came up immediately. Do any other menus work at this point while Firefox is starting? Can anyone else help us with this one?
There may be some problem in Firefox that causes this
(1) Can the firefox developers eliminate the problem if
it is partly a Firefox problem and (2) if they can't, what can be done
with NVDA to reduce the opening time?
I'm not sure on either of these questions, as I literally don't have a clue as to what could be going on here. I agree that this lag is unacceptable.

Perhaps what matters is
whether it becomes possible to make application specific settings.
I think this is certainly more relevant given your reason for wanting this change. I've never personally been a huge fan of appliation specific settings, but I very much recognise that there are many who would like this. I'd like to come up with a more general mechanism first and then consider applying it to application specific situations. By general mechanism, I mean something like settings profiles which can be loaded on request.

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