[nvda] New Web Site for NV Access now live!

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  • Date: Sat, 12 May 2007 19:06:05 +1000

Hi all.

As mentioned previously on the list, we have been putting together a web
site for NV Access.  The new Web Site is now live, and you can visit it

As many of you may know, NV Access is a  non-profit fundraising
organisation based in Australia, currently supporting NVDA.  The
organisation was created this year to support free and open source
software solutions (such as NVDA) that improve access for blind and
vision-impaired users.  

Some list members have been asking about NV Access and how they can
donate or help.  The web site has a "Donate" button and a "Helping Out"
link, each taking you to pages that give detail on how you can assist NV

Aside from posting a donation by mail, we have a linked PayPal Account,
so it is possible to donate by credit card or from a PayPal account, all
from buttons on our "Donate Page".  Also, as we are a not-for-profit
organisation in Australia, we do not pay tax, so every cent you send
will go right into supporting projects like NVDA.  You can also help by
donating equipment and/or getting involved in the projects and
contributing to the open source community.

The site has been designed with web accessibility in mind, it has some
accessibility features and long descriptions of our logos (mentioned on
the "About this site" page), it is made up of valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and
valid CSS, and works well in most browsers such as Firefox 2, IE 6 and
IE 7.  Of course, it reads quite well when using NVDA.

The web site also has a "Projects" page, giving information and links to
NVDA, other pages on how to "Contact Us", pages that tell you all "About
Us" in detail, etc.  Please have a browse and enjoy.


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