[nvda] Re: NVDA and video hooks

  • From: Chris & Doris <chipmunks@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 00:29:59 -0500

as far as I know, Serotek's System Access uses display hooking and this does not require it to be run having adminstrator's privileges on the host computer nor does it impair its portability.



At 09:44 PM 2/19/2009 -0600, you wrote:
Hello all:
I just have one quick question. When/if video hooks or intercept drivers ever get implemented into NVDA, will this feature destroy it's portability? The reason I ask is I often take my thumb drive on wich I have NVDA portable installed on to the library, and there computers don't have any accessibility software installed on them, nor do they have admin rights wich allow installation of programs. If this does reduce there portability, then is it possible to either be given the choice of installing them or not, or have a feature to enable/disable them as needed. The only way I can possibly think of to maintain NVDA's portability is to write the drivers, etc to look for a video card, then establish an intercept, I believe this called a display chain, but I am not a programmer. I own my own laptop, so installing things is no problem but I do not have such privilages on my local library's machines.
Kendell Clark

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