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What does JAWS use? (video interception or display hooks)

Which of the two can be ran without installing itself in the operative system?

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  On 21/02/2009 9:21 AM, Derek Roberts wrote:
  > What is the difference between display hooking and vidio intercepting?
  It's pretty technical. Basically, a video intercept works at the driver 
  level. It sits just above the video driver, intercepting text before it 
  is written to the video driver. Display hooking is where the screen 
  reader injects its code into each running application on your system. 
  When most applications need to write to the display, they use a set of 
  functions called GDI functions. The screen reader's code hacks the 
  application so that it runs code from the screen reader instead of the 
  real GDI functions. The screen reader then does its thing and passes the 
  call on to the real GDI function.

  Does this make any sense?

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