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  • Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 11:05:39 +0100

Hi Peter,

Maybe I missed soething.
What is Olga's festival synthesizer and where could I get it from?

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  On 4.2.2009 20:57, Isak Sand  wrote:
  > A friend of mine sent me a file named "suo_fi_lj.gz". I'm wondering if it's 
possible to use this Finnish Festival-voice with NVDA although I have only this 
file. The included english voices work fine!

  If you have Olga's festival synth driver for NVDA you can download and 
  extract these 2 files into your synthDrivers folder.
  and you will get two nice Finnish voices one male and one female voice. 
  That female voice sounds pretty good - at least I like it.
  There may be problem with speaking national symbols because I am unable 
  to figure out which code page is native to this festival voice 
  I guess it may either be UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1.
  You can experiment with it by changing file festsettings.xml.
  Before line saying
  you can try adding something like
  <voice name="hy_fi_mv_diphone" cp="65001"/>
  <voice name="suo_fi_lj_diphone" cp="65001"/>
  This is for UTF-8. If you wish to try ISO-8859-1 then change value of 
  the cp property to 28591 .
  There is one little note which may help identifying the correct code 
  page to use, Festival was primarily developed for UNIX.

  Hope this gives at least some pointers


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