[nvda] Re: Just sharing a feel good experience with NVDA/keyboards are not just for us blind guys...

  • From: Stephen <whocrazy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nvda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 18:19:40 +1100

Hi there. Whenever I chat to some people online and they find out I'm blind, I'll get responses like, oh, you poor thing, but I know they mean well, they don't mean to be patronising, but from their reaction, I could tell that they were trying to imagine what it would be like if they woke up one morning and found they couldn't see, or perhaps they think that this has what has happened to me, I just explain that I was born without sight, so it's not as bigger of a deal than it would be for someone who were to go blind as an adult or as a teenager.

At 12:29 PM 30/10/2009, you wrote:
I have found that it is the casual to moderate user that is a mouse only user. A high percentage, probably a majority of "power-users"/I'm sick of power this and power that,... but...work with keyboard short cuts when ever they can/in so many cases this is a much faster way to work. The moral of this is once again we find small silver linings in the clouds of blindness. There are cases where the mouse saves time, like copying or performing the same task on a group of files that are not in a contiguous list, but the big slow down for us is in imputing to our brains. Braille, and voice are much slower than reading and seeing color changes, flashes, ` out of the corner of the eye.... We can only touch a few square C Cs at a time, and we can at best listen to txt in one window or tab at a time. At least I started learning how to be blind as a kid/I admire folks my age,(like you guys) that get it together in spite of going blind later in life.
Thanks For sharing.

probably a majority of "power" comp users/pros use keyboard shortcuts when possible, as they save time in many cases.

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