[nvda] Re: Is Eudora going to be supported by NVDA?

  • From: Talksina <talksina@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nvda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 10:14:59 +0200

james wrote:
There is a possibility to create app modules, which are similar to script sets in JAWS. However, we still have no way of accessing display information, so for the moment, Eudora will remain inaccessible.

hope this issue of display information can be solved in the future, as, independently on Eudora, there are many many applications which use this kind of interface, I think it's impossible to ask everyone to switch to other libraries, I think it's the new product which has to adapt itself to what's in the world, not vice versa :)

A navegar se impara, ma chi parte mona, torna mona.

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