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  • From: "Matej Plch" <plch.m@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 07:51:21 +0100

Hi Kendel,
I have a solution for you. You can improve your internet connection by 
disabling the flash animations on web pages.
You can do this by downloading and instaling firefox addon, which is called 
I use this addon and the reactions of internet connection are faster.
So here is the link:
Best regards
Matej Plch
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  Subject: [nvda] Future nvda changes

  Hello all:
  I was just curious as I have just downloaded NVDA 0.6p3, what future changes 
are currently planned for NVDA? I understand that some braille changes are 
upcoming, and maybe others. I'd just like some sort of information so I'll know 
what to look for. Sometimes the change log is written in either technical or 
development speak and I can't understand any of it. If I may make a suggestion, 
Is it possible to implement a simple script that gives a percentage number of 
the webpage when it is loading? I have a slow conection and this would be very 
helpful. Currently the only information I can get is by pressing NVDA+end to 
get the status line and it usually reads something like this,
  Thansferring data from "xxx.com"
  or Waiting for xxx.com
  Giving some kind of percentage would give   users, not just me, who have a 
slow internet connection a better idea of just how much of the page has to 
load. A percentage would be helpfulm much like progres bar announcements. 
Perhaps there could be a setting somewhere, maybe in  vertual buffers dialogue 
to turn it on and off, and a keystroke to activate it, separately from the 
status line. And if the web browser is not open, it could  say something like, 
web browser is not active. Sorry for the long email, I'm just trying to be 
descriptive. If possible, could there possibly be a way to deactivate immages 
or other scripts on webpages that could interfere with NVDA? I know this can be 
done within firefox itself, but I try not to mess with the settings unless I 
know what I'm doing. I know flash content seems to really mess up NVDA as well 
do most javascript, it takes much longer for the page to load and sometimes I 
get spurious page load error messages. hen NVDA is deactivated the pages load 
fine so Ican't seem to find the problem. There are no errors within NVDA and 
the log is normal.
  kendell clark

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