[nvda] Re: Defaults survey

  • From: Martina Letochová <letochova@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 21:25:15 +0100

Actually it's not totally gone in the snapshots; you can get the speech back by 
unchecking the checkbox "audio indication of focus and browse modes" in 
preferences/virtual buffers. I personally prefer the sounds; that makes up for 
the verbosity.

From: Kennydog 
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Subject: [nvda] Re: Defaults survey

As a user of NVDA in the P3 release where it says browse mode and edit mode I 
like that part it tells me if I can type in stuff in edit mode or use quick 
nave keys in browse mode but noticed in the snapshots its gone.  I think that 
part should be left in for new people so you know where you are on the page or 
form rather than listen for noises.
For the tables part it only really says it in internet explorder and not in 
firefox.  I do like knowing when say I am doing internet banking I am in a 
table it doesn't have to say cell what is in the cell is said but i do like 
knowing how big it is in that case.  eg 5 collums 5 rows so it gives me a 
better idea if i am still in it or saying table start or end.  best bet to find 
out is ay stick a blind fold on a sight user and see where he is without help 
of some of those things mentioned.  the way i look at stuff is we are lucky 
these guys a doing a orsom job for us.  I am open for feed back if stuff like 
this way put forwards


On 24/02/2009 7:43 a.m., Brian Gaff wrote: 
  I just wondered if it might be time to poll a few folk and find out about 
what the best defaults might be. 
  The two things that worry me a little in their current state are the focus 
bleeps vs focus and browse mode, which I'd have thought was better defaulted to 
words for those just starting out, and the cell row stuff, which I'm in two 
minds about, so I'll not say what I think, but as more adjustable bits come 
along, it might be  that your average starter outer might find some things 
better a different way straight out of the box so to speak. 

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