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  • Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 21:22:28 -0200

Hi Mick and all,

Here in Brazil, there is a project developed at the University of Rio de 
Janeiro called Dosvox. It's a kind of "audio desktop", a set of spoken 
utilities for blind people which is used mainly at schools to help on 
children education. Dosvox relies on pre-recorded messages and on a 
small synthesiser developed at that University which speaks in Brazilian 
Portuguese only.

Its technique is relatively rough, sample-based, but it was the first 
synthesiser in Brazilian Portuguese, so there are many blind people in 
Brazil who accustomed to its voice.

Unfortunately, this synthesiser doesn't have its own APPI, since it's 
part of the Dosvox desktop, but I contacted the coordinator of the 
Dosvox project and he agreed to make an experimental APPI for us to try 
to write a drive for NVDA.

I'm gonna meet him within some weeks, and will report any news to this 

Although the Dosvox home page is written in Brazilian Portuguese only, 
feel free to visit it at:



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