[nvda] Another Clash Of Thunder Arrives

  • From: Trenton Matthews <trenton.tmantv@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nvda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 22:48:27 -0600

Looking at the latest version of thunder right now, its quite clear that NVDA got competition coming to it.

And that's a good thing.
I can definitely tell ya, that thunder oddly enough works with firefox 3.6 beta. Have not tried with 3.5 as of yet.
Who knew the carrot browsing feature would be so useful with it.
No it doesn't say if you're coming to a link, however tabbing of course through links will do just fine. Do remember, this is the carrot that comes with firefox, so its not gonna say the word link, table, etc.
Or at least for right now, anyway.
The same carrot feature is also in IE 8 as well, even though they are different browsers. Powerpoint support is in thunder now, however not much info is on it as far as i have read in its help, since it seems quite new with its support. Excel, which i guess some script from thunder some where is how NVDA's working with Excel, is indeed in the help, and is supported.
Same with word, although not sure with 2007.
Will test that this week if i can.
(don't quote me on that though, ask the NVDA folks.)

And the big question, besides thunder working with miranda IM, which it does quite well, is will it work with skype 4.1?
That i'm testing after I'm done with this mail message.

To grab thunder by the way, you can get it from:


So why am I talking about the first free screen reader on an open source screen reading list?

If folks don't wish to pay for Window-eyes, Jaws, etc., there are indeed two free screen readers out there that will do just as good.

I did say along time ago that NVDA was gonna be my only screen reader.
Well, .... I may also be a window-eyes user, but I'm giving thunder a shot too, and sending my suggestions for its next big release.
Wish to comment on here? reply back.
Or just tell me off list what you think.
Oh, gonna go test skype now. Will report back in the next message.
Bye for now!

Trenton, the T Man!

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