[nvda] Re: A few bug reports and a few questions

  • From: Peter Vágner <peter.v@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nvda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 10:56:21 +0100

Hello Mario,

Mario Percinic  wrote:
In the snapshot version 1519 i found out that there is something wrong with voices under sapi5 selection of synths. For example, if i set rate on the voice which i want on 70 %, when i go to the voices menu and change to another sapi5 voice, all the values are resset on the default settings. Rate is set on 50, volume on 100 etc. I tested that with realspeak synths and espeak and the results are the same. I know that in the previous versions that bug didn't exist.

I am afraid this is the correct behaviour. After switching to the new voice NVDA shal use it's default rate, volume and pitch options. Correct me if I'm wrong please.

And now a few questions:
1. Is there the way how to get the info about the page where i'm positioned in MS word when i read or write something?

I guess it's doable because NVDA is now able to anounce when arrowing from one page to the other. A new script has to be added if there is no other way.

2. Is there the way how to read incoming messages automatically in miranda? I installed speak plugin and clist plugin for the blind which is configured correctly, but the messages are not spoken automatically and i have to read them by errow keys.?

There is a relativelly new plugin for miranda-im called mespeak. It uses built-in espeak as the synthesizer. This is just a service plugin so when you would like to have something anounced you have to install some other plugins which will do the notification it-self. E.G. for speaking incoming messages you can use messagenotify. For anouncing status changes, status message changes, xstatus changes, listeninginfo changes and others you can use history keeper in combination with history events. I know this is off topic here so I'll just give the links to the respective plugins and perhaps you will be able to figure the rest your-self. If not then maybe you can write me off-list and I'll try to write more details.
meSpeak: http://pescuma.mirandaim.ru/miranda/mespeak
MessageNotify: http://scottellis.com.au/miranda_plugins/ver_messagenotify.html
History Keeper: http://pescuma.mirandaim.ru/miranda/historykeeper
History Events: http://pescuma.mirandaim.ru/miranda/historyevents

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