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Hello Mary,

A 'Server' can have many services running on it like SMB, FTP, DNS, and so on. 
In smaller environments the 'Sever' may have all of these services running on 
one computer, but in larger offices the services may be distributed amongst 
several computers. Windows server 2003 does support the AFP protocol and users 
in a mixed enviroment can both connect to the server using the protocols that 
their operating systems support. Even though Macs can talk to a Windows server 
via SMB, it's not the easiest for them. 

Dean Danis 

90 Caprice Cr.

London Ontario

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> From: m.k.read@xxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [muglo] Re: server question
> Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 08:43:17 -0400
> To: muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Hi Dean
> Interesting. If they have a mixture of PCs and Macs connecting to the  
> server, would using the AFP protocol still be possible? Is it a major  
> imposition to convert from Samba to AFP?
> thanks,
> Mary
> On 8-Sep-08, at 12:57 PM, Dean Danis wrote:
> > Sounds lie your client is connecting to a Windows Server. They may  
> > be using Samba to connect to the server which may limit the file  
> > name. If they use Macs to connect to the server then the server  
> > should be set up wit the AFP protocol.
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