[muglo] Re: Help?

Every once in awhile, you will see a Macbook on Kijiji being sold for  
parts for $100(logic board or screen shot), but still has a workable  
burner. As Joe stated, the takeapart instructions for this unit are  
nothing short of scary.
On Mar 28, 2009, at 7:29 PM, Eurogarth wrote:

> Does anyone out their have a spare combo or super drive that will fit
> the Macbook white?
> The optical (combo drive) drive in my daughter's Macbook white (not
> the unibody) has given up the ghost after just 15 months... just
> enough for the warranty to have run out. Our only local KW Mac dealer
> sez "if they can find one", it will be about $400.00!
> My daughter travels extensively and the dealer proposed "just get an
> external travel" just dosen't cut it. Nor did their "well a drive
> only has so spins in it sir".
> Thanx,
> Garth.
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