[mira_talk] Re: problem to execute binary file mira on x64 architecture

On Thursday 30 April 2009 Sucheta Tripathy wrote:
> As I reported last time, the assembly output was not OK, with very shorter
> fragments and the total assembled data much less than expected. Is there
> any other parameter setting I can try to get a better result?

Ouch, sorry to have forgotten you. I think you've been hit by a bug in 
- bugfix: setting -SK:mchr to values >4095 led to am integer overflow and
  subsequent poor assemblies ... or no assembly at all

(I think you used a larger value for -SK:mchr)

You could:
- try 2.9.44x2 with -SK:mchr=4095
- try 44x3
- or wait for a couple of minutes while I am preparing 44x4 which fixes another
  bug (recognition of chimeras).


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