[macvoiceover] Have you ever gotten a helpful message? Recycle, that, message.

I, over the last few years have gotten many helpful messages.  Messages that 
have given me the answer on how to do something with Voiceover that I just did 
not know how to do and for which I could not find the answer.  I have put these 
messages in mailboxes with names like,
learning Tiger,
Learning Leopard,
Learning SnowLeopard.

And when some one els is having the same problem, I re cycle the message.  Most 
people really don't mind if there message is recycled, as a matter of fact they 
are often flattered.  If a message was helpful to you, it may be helpful to 
some one els in the same fix.

So, please give it a try, recycle, go green so to speak.

Keith Reedy

Click the link below to download MP3's of Keith Reedy's music as a gift from 
Bibles For The Blind.


God gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him.  J Hudson Taylor.

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