[lit-ideas] Re: Here's a new spin on preventative medicine

I've been thinking about this post below, and have decided that I need to take 
some time off from posting on this list.  I'd like to thank you all for 
listening to my no doubt misdirected rants and I'd like to wish you all a 
nice summer.  I just thought I'd mention that the Seekers took their 
melody for the Carnival is Over from the song Stenka Rasin.  I've pasted 
the only link Youtube seems to have.  The fact that it's from their 
farewell concert is sheer coincidence.  The words from S.R. superimpose 
perfectly but needless to say the Carnival is Over is not S.R.  I 
listened today to, talk about a rant, Marshall Goldman carrying on about 
Petrostate Russia.  The U.S. does exactly the same things they do (our 
Veep is straight out of industry, etc. etc.), but that's different.  It's 
so sad that he spends his life studying something that he can't find one good 
thing to say about.  Why not find another
 country to study?  Anyway, no Persian princesses being thrown overboard 
here (BTW, Iranian beluga caviar is golden today because beluga sturgeons 
rescued the princess and brought her home):

Here is a musical tango version of S.R., put your dancing shoes on; the writing 
on the record is Polish from what I can tell:
Then pour a nice drink and try a jazzy, pretty version of Dark Eyes (Ochi 
And with that, have a nice summer all.

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Robert Paul wrote, in response to someone's little rant:


Someone is doing their 'Andy' routine again.  I think of it as
watching a psychodrama.  Sometimes farce, sometimes tragic, always


Phil Enns
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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