[kismac] Re: problems trying to get a WEP key

  • From: Geoffrey Kruse <gkruse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 18:23:15 -0700

I have been able to crack wep with 350,000 ivs. I have only been able to do this using a usb adaptor, using the airport extreme passive mode, I have never cracked a 128 bit key no matter how many ivs I collect!

On Feb 26, 2006, at 6:20 PM, Theo Baschak wrote:

I got bored at work the other day, and got about 350,000 IVs, which
wasn't enough to crack the key. It was enough to prove to my
co-workers that WEP isn't easily enough broke to worry about casual


On 2/26/06, Nate Gallagher <natevoodoo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm a newbie too.
I've posted about an inability to get IVs three times.
Noone has responded.
I can only assume that it's a known problem without a solution.

I also assume it's not cool to talk about cracking WEPs bc it's illegal
and this is an open list.
There are other Unix programs out there that will run faster and
possibly better through the prompt.
Downside is that you have to spend more time tweaking them and learning
how they work.
Also, it seems that there are a lot. I have had some success with
those, esp. aircrack which compiles dump data files from KisMAC way
faster. PCs are also much likelier to have more or better software for
this particular task. But what can I say, I like my Mac for so many
more things.
I have still not collected enough IVs or cracked the network within
range of my apartment.
Been trying since September and only have 144, 000 IVs. Which is 10% of
what I supposedly need.
Packet Injection and Deauthenticating generate the most traffic, but
they cause the program to crash and random intervals so they are
What causes the most packets is someone using the network. It appears
that this is not a heavy use network.
There may be security features for my particular network which I'm not
aware of.
I have seen posted that many WEP networks are able to switch their key
at regular intervals.
If that's the case for me then my collection of packets are not
compatible with eachother and I will never generate enough IVs in a
short enough time to have a consistent, crackable set of data.

Good Luck to you. If you learn anything new, feel free to email me

--- Kharlyt <Kharlyt@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am using Kismac R88, I have a airport extreme card on my ibook and

a "macwireless 11b USB adapter" plugged in.
I use the "apple airport extreme card, passive mode" and "usb device

with prism chipset, passive mode" (although I don't know what chipset

is used by my usb device".
after different problems I could make deauthanticate flood and
reinject packets but after 5 minutes I had only 90 Data Packets and
Unique IVs and 3 inj packets.
Is there anything I forgot to do or did wrong ?
How am I supposed to do to get a WEP key with my config ?
I am a newbie.

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