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Dave, I am running the current release of Jaws 12. I think what I gave you
is just a change for the session on that web page.  If you want to make the
change permanent always for the current web page, I believe you use the
command jaws key plus shift key plus letter V as in victor.
this makes the change permanent to that web page.
to make a permanent change for all web pages, you would need to go to jaws
options in the configuration manager insert key plus F2.  
then down arrow to adjust jaws options and enter.  then press letter F for
flash and use the space bar to select the choice you want.
  Note: while in this dialogue or when using the open jaws options with jaws
key plus letter V or shift plus jaws key and letter V, you are in a dialogue
and you can tab to the next control at any time to get a description of the
effects of the change.
john in sunny florida


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John, is this setting saved at each site or is there no way to make a one
time change that turns off the flash?  Thanks.

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 can use the jaws key plus letter V to go to jaws options.  then press the
letter F as in frank until you hear flash movies and if it is on use the
space bar too turn it off and close the dialogue with alt F4.
JohnDave,  I think you 


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Greetings:  Could someone instruct me on how to permanently turn off Flash
on individual web sites please.
Thanks and Happy Friday.  Mitch
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