Re: Location of ENUFolder in Windows ME

Hi, go to your Start menu, All Programs, JAWS 620 sub menu, Explorer JAWS sub 
menu, and Explore Shared Settings.  It will direct you to the Enu folder.


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  From: Debbie Bugella 
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  Subject: Location of ENUFolder in Windows ME


  I am trying to help someone place scripts for AdAware in 6.20. They are using 
windows Me; I can't find the folder. I found 
c:\ProgramFiles\freedomscientific\jaws\6.2, but cant find settings\enu from 
there! Iwent to folder options in windows explorer and in the tree view on the 
view page, I can't tell if items are checked or unchecked. If anyone could help 
me with this ASAP, I'd really appreciate it, Deb.

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