Re: Finding the double and triple talk synths

     Tom!  The Triple Talk Synthesizers are by far the most popular hardware
synths right now.  There are two of them.  Chirping Bat sells them for
$350.00 and $450.00.  The prices include shipping in the United States.
Check them out at
Chirp|Chirp|Chirp: It's the Bat, Bat Arhonious Software
! BA Software is proud to present J-Say in the United States: $400.00,
! Window Eyes 4.5: Standard $525, Professional $700, includes delivery in
the USA, www.ChirpingBat.Com/windoweyes.shtml
! Triple Talk: USB $450, PCI $350, includes delivery in the USA, add $30
outside, www.ChirpingBat.Com/tripletalk.shtml
! Sound Forge 7.0 with CD Architect 5.0: $350, includes delivery in the USA,
$380 outside, Shipping / Duty / VAT / Free is available,
! We accept PayPal Visa, Mastercard, money orders, checks, wire transfers,
We ship Internationally.  Click to convert our prices into your currency at:

Reach BA Software in the United States at:
Phone: 1-518-572-6092 weekdays, 1-518-359-8538 other, Email:
Bat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, WWW: www.ChirpingBat.Com

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