[jawsscripts] Re: Music production software with JAWS

not sure about jaws, but has made big time effort to be accessible with mac's
Here is more info on there blogs and pods,

At 08:35 AM 1/19/2011, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I would like to get some information about the experience JAWS users
>have had with a music production software package called ProTools. I am
>specifically interested in whether or not the keyboard navigation in the
>current version of the software allows the user to access all of the
>features and functions of the program. If the program isn't fully
>accessible, does anyone know if there have already been attempts made to
>write JAWS Scripts for ProTools. I would be glad to take this discussion
>off the list as I'm sure we are going to end up with lots of discussion
>that isn't necessarily pertinent to everyone here. At this time my
>inquiry only addresses ProTools as that is the application one of my
>clients will be required to use as part of some coursework in the coming
>Thank you in advance for any information anyone can offer.
>Sue B.
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