RE: Remote assistance

> >Yes, it sounds like he wants to to use Remote Assistance feature instead
> >of the Remote Desktop feature. However, I'm pretty sure both of them use
> >
> Yes, both use RDP, but the Remote Assistance feature has different
> authentication methods- for instance, you can send someone an RA token
> will allow them to connect without having to explicitly add them as a RD

Remote Desktop, while using RDP, is a network logon session just like
regular TS. RD is only available in Pro, and only allows one user to be
logged onto the computer at a time.

Remote Assistance, while using RDP, is a active console session allowing to
see/use the desktop being used.

Remote Assistance uses the credentials of the HelpAssistant Local user
(Which is given temporary permission via the RA invitation I think) while
Remote Desktop uses the credentials of the user logging in.

John Tolmachoff MCSE CSSA
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