RE: Firewall Client Problem

As long as the user is an administrator on their local machine, you can't stop 
them from doing anything they want.
In this case, you have these choices:
1 - quit worrying about things you can't control
2 - use access controls the users can't touch (destination sets, etc.)
3 - start drinking heavily

 Jim Harrison
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Hi Thomas

well i used the method of blocking these applications

ISa server management console.... client setting

firewall client's application setting

Name ==  Kaaza  Key Disabled  Value 1

this worked for me for quite some time but now a user told me that he changed 
that value to 0 from hi firewall client...this is the 
strangest thing i ever heard that  by modifying his firewall client he is able 
to bypass ISA ..becoz before this  these softwares 
stopped working when i disabled them

Can u tell me how ?

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