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Don't the file systems have to be mounted read-only for this to work without 

On Saturday 13 January 2001 05:25, you wrote:
> I've appreciated the responses I've been getting.  But, yes, they
> should do it automatically and one of my Linuxes does do it that way, I
> think SuSE use to do it that way, but it doesn't seem to be doing it now.
> Perhaps one of the scripts got messed up.
>         I can do it in a crude fashion by getting out off any GUI's,
> waiting for the system to settle down and hit the reset button, the next
> time I boot Linux a check forced is done.  Now, that may not be to safe of
> way for a person to do it, even when all I'm using that Linux for is a
> workstation, this does not sould like a good idea when I start using Linux
> for firewalls, networks,
> etc. -- so that is the question.  ---Jim
> At 05:23 PM 1/12/2001 -0600, you wrote:
> >Defragging your computer?  Btw, if I wanted to do this manually, how would
> > I do it?  As I understand, Unixes don't need to be defragged much because
> > that's usually taken care of by the OS (thus it's not talked about as
> > much as it is in the Windows world).  Incidentally, I'd be especially
> > interested in knowing how to do this on a Solaris system.
> >
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> >> James Worrest wrote:
> >> >     On one of my Linuxes (SuSE 6.3) I keep getting the
> >> > message,"EXT2-fs warning:checktime reach..."  Now my
> >> > Caldera Open Linux 1.3 automatically defrags the drives,
> >> > how do I get SuSE to do it?
> >>
> >> I'm not sure.  I would have thought that once checktime reached, it
> >> would just do what it needed...
> >>
> >> >     Also since I got SuSE put on yet another computer, is
> >> > there an "easy" way of transferring settings from one
> >> > system to another?  I suppose because of differences
> >> > between computers, etc. and the various places they may be
> >> > located, it may not be too practical to transfer
> >> > everything--but I would like to get my KDE settings
> >> > transferred, if possible.  ---Jim
> >>
> >> All your kde settings are kept in a "hidden" directory in your home
> >> directory (in linux/unix ect hidden directories are simply preceded by a
> >> .)  So in your home directory is a .kde directory.  I'm betting (this
> >> may not hold between different versions of kde) that if you just copy
> >> all that stuff over (including all your sub-directories in the .kde
> >> directory) you should get all the same settings.  You may also have to
> >> copy over the .kderc file to get settings as well.  But I'd think that
> >> was is.
> >> So the long and the short, copy all the .kde directory and the .kderc
> >> file over to your home directory on the other machine....
> >>
> >> Anyone else got an idea?
> >>
> >> Carl

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