[HFbeacons] Re: beacons midnight 24 April, 2011

Hi Folks-
A late night scan tonight produced a pleasant surprise: Northwest beacons. The only other ham signals I could copy were on 40 meters and below.

Earlier this evening, between 5 and 6 PM local time, FO4BM was working the whole USA on 28.440. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't one of them! No beacons copied at that time.

23 April, 2011  11:00 PM = 0600z

0621 28.1875  VE7KC        C PENTICTON BC CANADA
0614 28.197   VE7MTY       C PITT MEADOWS, BC
0630 28.200   W6WX         C SAN JOSE, CA
0634 28.2165  N7MA         C ROSE LAKE, IDAHO
0620 28.239   VA7PL/1      C CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN, BC
0616 28.250   K7EK         C GRAHAM, WASHINGTON
0642 28.265   K7NWS        C KENT, WASHINGTON


Jerry WA6CDO
San Rafael, CA


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