[HFbeacons] Beacons: An F2 Morning & Afternoon

Hi, Keith here in Amherst, NY

No sign of E-Skip yet today. I am sitting at home, the 70+ MPH gusts lifted 3 rows of shingles on my roof, yay!

No antenna damage, though... I heard the following from 1550Z to 1830Z on 29 April:

28.1710  XE1FAS
28.1830  XE1RCS
28.1930  LU2ERC
28.1960  LU4JJ
28.1970  LU5FB

28.1990  LU1FHH
28.2000  LU4AA
28.2000  W6WX
28.2035  K6LLL
28.2250  K6FRC/B4

28.2255  W2DLL
28.2270  KC6WGN
28.2493  K8NDB
28.2500  K6FRC/B2
28.2790  WA6MHZ

28.2869  WI6J
28.2900  N6UN
28.2940  WA6NIF
28.3000  K6FRC/B

I have not checked 30 or 15 meters, I am trying out the 1/2-wave 10 meter vertical but with the wire hanging from the attic window. It works, but the noise pickup is not great. I'll get the self-supporting PVC mast together and test it this weekend.

73, Keith, WB2VUO
Amherst, NY: Grid FN02ox


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