[HFbeacons] Beacons 18 December 2011

*Good Morning,

Just when I thought yesterdays early bandscan was "down"...This one indicates even less propagation. I am again hearing the "clicks" in a beacon pattern on 28.235 MHz from Northeast of my location..... Very likely from a Canadian mal-functioning beacon keyer considering the direction & others in the log.

13:50-14:04 Z, 18 December 2011 I can identify 4 ten meter beacon signals into EM71.

28.177   HP1RCP     PANAMA CITY, PANAMA           2615 km 1625 miles
28.182   VYØSNO     IQALUIT, NUNAVUT CANADA       3720 km 2311 miles
28.227   VE9AT      WHITE HEAD ISLAND, NB         2198 km 1366 miles
28.2455  VE9BEA     FREDERICTON NB CANADA         2287 km 1421 miles

73 Bill WJ5O
Southern Alabama


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